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Cups and Balls Museum Featured at
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Several major magicians, magic collectors and magic museums are participating in "Magic: The Science of Wonder," an exhibit of historical magic and its development at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The Cups and Balls Museum was asked to provide ten sets of cups that illustrate various aspects of the development of the cups and balls. One of the sets is shown right here!.

When you enter the exhibit, one of the first things you will see is a display of these sets of cups.

Since I was a child, I have gone to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and marvelled at the displays there. I never dreamed that one day, some of my collection would be on display there. As the curator of the Cups and Balls Museum, I am deeply honored to be included in this presentation.


Cups and Balls Museum Commemorative Cups

I have finally received more of the Mini Monti sets from RnT II Magic, Inc. The Museum is proud to offer the official Cups and Balls Museum Commemorative Cup Set once more.

These are the latest Cups and Balls Museum souvenir cups. The new sets are slightly different from the earlier ones.

These are copper Mini Monti cups with a satin finish. They are made of a heavier gauge of copper than the earlier ones. The balls are white pom-pom balls which were originally issued with the Rings and Things Mini Monti cups. The wand is made from exotic hardwoods. Also included are a set of instructions, a Certificate of Authenticity, and an autographed photo of the curator in front of a display of cups. This run of cups is limited to 50 sets.*

The price is $90.00 per set, including postage in the US. Overseas postage is $10.00 per set.

For ordering information, please click here to send me an e-mail.


Just so some of the newcomers to the Cups and Balls Museum web site will not be confused about the number of commemorative/souvenir cup sets that have been and/or will be issued -- the total run was to be 100 sets of cups. The first two runs totaled 35 sets, including set #0, which went to Jake Zimmerman, who spun those original cups. The third run, which is now up for sale, totals 50 sets. Jake was unable to finish the original 100 sets, due to health issues, so he refunded the balance of the money paid to him. Don Buckley of Rnt II stepped in and sent me 50 sets, which were from a completely different transaction. Due to an increase in the price of copper, the cups cost more money.

The certificates of authenticity reflect the total production of 100 sets of cups. Some of the purchasers of this third run of cups were confused because they thought the number of the sets would be based upon the beginning of the third run of cups. Also, some people were unaware of the first 35 sets that had been issued.

I hope this clears up any confusion there may be.


The TAOM convention was a total success! The cups and balls lecture featured the History of the cups and balls, along with 50 sets from this web site.

There was also a really nice presentation of the cups and balls routine that Mike Tallon and Doug Gorman of San Antonio have made so popular.

My thanks to all of the attendees as well as those who helped with the presentation.

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